About Kiwiuh

Hailing from the Bay Area, Kiwiuh has been making the rounds in live performances and music videos. He has already lent his talent to artists like Nef the Pharaoh, Priceless Da Roc, DMAC, and Heaven Marina. The entertainer’s participation in several gigs have also attracted the attention of directors who reached out to him with opportunities to appear in several music videos. Kiwiuh is a symbol of hard work, having realized early on in his career that he might not get everything he wanted out of life if he doesn’t work for it with the last drop of his sweat. Hence, the reason he has, through the years, pursued every one of his passions aggressively without looking an inch like someone who might give up soon. By combining a dance and entertainment company with the ownership of an up-and-coming clothing line called “Kiwiscove.” Through the brand, Kiwiuh realizes his childhood dream of conceptualizing and designing silk-lined hoodies.